Scientist John Snow

The scientist John Snow was considered one of the early modern founders of epidemiology. He helped trace the cause of the cholera outbreak in the 1800s. He figured out that the cholera outbreak was spread from the water pumps and basically started from a diaper of a child that was disposed in the streets… So yeah.

In school, my Bio professor taught about how this guy was his “hero” and he seems like a cool guy. A vegan… and filtered his water and everything so he didn’t get sick. At one point, I was thinking of creating some comic or animation about him. Of course, a few days after we learn about the cholera outbreak, school is sent online because of Coronavirus.

After watching an episode of Victoria where John Snow showed up, I thought about how there doesn’t seem to be any major movies or media talking about how cool John Snow is. So here’s a sketch of what I think he would look like.


Here’s some female Sherlock. I was listening to Moffat and Gattis’s Q&A and they were saying how female Sherlock would essentially be the same show.



Really really bored right now. I watched this Simon Pegg video about his iconic roles, and then I thought about Shaun of the Dead movie he was in. It’s where the world has a zombie apocalypse is happening but Simon Pegg’s character doesn’t know so there’s this segment where he is oblivious to the apocalypse and he gets a soda from the store and all these zombies are walking past him. Then I just started watching Simon Pegg movies like Star Trek, and then I watched Star Trek Beyond for some reason. And I still haven’t finished my Linear Algebra homework