Art Portfolio

Graphic Design

Skills: Adobe Photoshop


Digital Work


Commissions 2019- 2020

The Green Room

I am associate publicist for The Green Room, a student run theatre club of the Claremont Colleges. 

I was asked to create the promotional posters for an original play Schrodinger High by Cassandra Hsiao Yale ’24. 


Made a facebook filter for the musical

Asked to revamp “The Green Room” logo

I was asked to create a poster for the movie “Emotional Creatures” by Levana Wang. Here are some options I made.

P-ai : Artificial Intelligence Club at the Claremont Colleges

I am the Director of Design for P-ai and create graphics for events and workshops.

Marct AI

I was asked to create a logo for a start-up app Marct AI which tries to form projects groups in Artificial Intelligence.


Beginning this early August, I was accepted as a designer for Compeer Buffalo, NY to create an icon promoting a safe space for finding mentors for people with mental illness diagnoses. The website icon would promote  diversity/inclusion for LGBTQ+, POC, religions, and disabilities. I developed some prototypes.

Graphic Design 

Society of Women Engineers

I modified the Society of Women Engineers logo for a contest.


“The Student Life” Newspaper of The Claremont Colleges

I was asked to create social media posts advertising positions for Claremont College’s “The Student Life”.

Harvey Mudd College’s Newspaper “The Muddraker”

I was asked to create a logo for Harvey Mudd College’s Newspaper “The Muddraker” for their revamped website.

I did some additional graphics for articles for “The Muddraker”.

Azula app

I was asked to create a logo for a start-up app “Azula” a platform for fashion influencers to share their content with their base and have influencees buy and see reviews by influencers. I was told to create a clean logo with the letter “A” and to have the design relate to fashion.

Commissions 2018-2019

I was commissioned to create paintings for a Jeremy Titsworth, a composer for his music studio.



Hlubek Piano Studio

I was asked to create a design for cover a program for Hlubek Piano Recital.


Character Design

I did character design work for virtual production of “The Addams Family” musical where I had to do animations.

Prop Design

Addam’s Family Props